Roysys Mission Statement

"To assist technology dependent organisations improve the services they provide."


Roysys is all about the Monitoring, Measuring and Reporting of information technology services and infrastructure.

The Monitoring, Measuring and Reporting Service offered by Roysys include:

  • Monitoring of IT services and infrastructure.
  • Automatic notification of service outages and exception events.
  • Measurement of IT infrastructure key performance indicators.
  • Reporting of IT key performance indicators and performance measurements.
  • Reporting of IT technical parameters, trend notification and capacity planning.

Roysys is a part of the Nerdvana Group of companies, incorporating Nerdvana Systems (professional Services), Nerdvana hosting (Hosting and Website design) and Roysys Benchmark and Monitoring. Roysys is proud to be a regional business providing services to both metropolitan and regional organisations. Roysys draws on extensive experience and knowledge of Communications, Networks, Unix Systems and Windows Systems specialists to provide comprehensive measurement and monitoring of your organisations IT infrastructure.