Roysys provides Monitoring, Measuring and Reporting for your information technology services and infrastructure.

 We monitor your services and infrastructure from both within your networks and externally via the Internet. We notify you of service failures around the clock via pager, SMS, email and web page notifications.

 We measure the services you provide, developing with you a set of Key Performance Indicators to assist you provide high quality IT services. In addition, the measuring
of technical parameters will provide you with the information required to effectively
manage your IT infrastructure. 

We will report to you regularly, providing statistics on key performance indicators,
the availability of services and capacity planning indicators.



Internal Monitoring of your services and infrastructure is performed by one or more Linux servers installed within your network. An extensive array of Measurable Parameters provides a comprehensive indication of what is occurring within your IT Infrastructure.
External Monitoring occurs from a Roysys Linux server located outside your network via the Internet. This provides monitoring of your Internet based services as your clients see them.
Service Monitoring is designed to reflect as closely as possible the conditions experienced by users of your services. Examples would include the monitoring of Web page availability and response times, the availability of email services and the availability of file server shares.
Technical Monitoring encompasses
many and varied technical parameters to assist with the management of your infrastructure. Examples include server disk, memory, CPU and process details, also network availability, utilisation and error rates.

With the monitoring performed by Roysys we provide automatic notifications of service failures, exception events or warning conditions direct to you via pager, SMS messages, email or via updated web page notifications. This can be provided around the clock or during time frames you require.




Roysys performs measurement at a number of different levels.

Measurement of Services will provide you with a reference of the efficiency of the services you provide. Examples include web page response times, email response times, and file server response times.

Measurement of Technical Parameters provides you the information required to effectively operate your systems and communications infrastructure. Typical system measurements includes parameters such as disk utilisation, memory utilisation, CPU utilisation, process and user variables. Typical network measurements include utilisation, error rates, frame rates, collision rates, interface status, CPU loads, and so on. Roysys is committed to providing the technical measurements you require and will work with you to develop a comprehensive set of measurements for your environment. See below for a list of Measurable Parameters that can be monitored and measured.

Measurement of Performance involves the measurement of key performance indicators to give you a reference for the performance of your infrastructure. Key performance indicators will assist you improve the delivery of services. Roysys will develop with you a series of indicators for your environment. Some example KPI’s are overall IT services availability, core network availability, total WAN utilisation, file server availability and web services response time.



Roysys will provide you with regular and timely information based on the monitoring and measuring we perform. Regular reporting of your performance indicators, levels of service and capacity performance is the the key to maintaining high performance of your infrastructure. Roysys will provide reports on a monthly basis, or to a timeframe you require.



Following is an indication of typical pricing, please contact Roysys for a quotation.

Plan Number of Hosts Number of Services Number of KPI's Setup Cost* Yearly Ongoing Cost*
Starter up to 10 up to 30 3 $5,500 $5,500
Mid 10 to 30 100 5 $6,600 $13,200
Enterprise 30 to 100 300 12 $7,700 $17,600
Open more than 100 more than 300 Unlimited $8,800 $198 per host
  All plans include:
  • A mix of Internal and External Monitoring to suit your requirements.
  • Automatic notification of outages via SMS, email, pager.
  • Realtime web based status pages and reports.
  • Measurement of service response times and technical parameters.
  • Monthly reports including your key performance indicators, service measurements, trend notification, technical measurements and capacity planning measurements.
  • One server to undertake the internal monitoring. Additional server may be required for larger distributed infrastructure.
  • Ongoing updates to your measuring, monitoring and reporting configuration as your needs and infrastructure change.

* Prices show are in Australian Dollars and include Australian GST.



Following is a list of the more common parameters that can measured and monitored. This list is by no means complete. Servers that can be monitored include Unix, Windows and Novell operating systems. Contact Roysys for other parameters that you may be interested in Measuring and Monitoring.

Application Services: http, telnet, ssh, ldap, ftp, radius, time, ssl, database listeners, nfs, print queues, file shares, virus scanning, Oracle, MySql, Progress SQL, SQL Server, Apache, IIS, flexlm license managers, irc, Real.
Server Parameters: CPU parameters such as load and utilisation, disk utilisation, log file pattern detector, memory usage, swap usage, snmp, system load averages, uptime, process states, user counts, rpc.
Network Services: dns, smtp, imap, pop, nntp, snmp, dhcp, bootp, ntp.
Network Parameters: snmp, wireless networking, udp ports, tcp ports.
Other Services and Parameters: print servers, temperature, humidity, power, ups, and video conferencing.