Contact Roysys to discuss your free trial.

If you are interested in learning more about Roysys Measuring, Monitoring and Reporting, we can run a free trial in your environment for one month. The trial will include Internal and External monitoring of your IT Services and Infrastructure.

Included in the trial is:

  • One Month Internal and External Monitoring of up to 30 Hosts and 100 Services.
  • Automatic Notification of outages via email and SMS messaging.
  • A realtime web base status page.
  • A report at the end of the trial indicating availability of the services monitored.
  • No obligation to receive the Roysys Measuring, Monitoring and Reporting service after the trial.

For the trial you will be required:

  • To commit appropriate time to provide Roysys with the details of the Hosts and Services to be monitored.
  • To allow the installation of a Roysys Measuring and Monitoring Linux server within your network.
  • To provide Roysys with access to the Roysys monitoring server on you network either via an Internet network connection or modem dial up line to the server.
  • To allow the Roysys monitoring server on your network to send automatic emails containing monitoring log files back to Roysys on a daily basis.
  • To complete an evaluation form at the end of the trial.

Contact Roysys to discuss your free trial.