The Availability Graph details the availability performance of a University web site for 2003,  benchmarking it against other Australian Universities.

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The Roysys
University WWW Performance
Benchmark Report
details the availability performance of your web site and compares your performance to other Australian Universities.

Roysys monitors the availability of 38 Australian Universities to provide you with an indication of how the performance your public web service compares to industry peers.

For just $880 per annum, a subscription to the Roysys Benchmark Report will provide you with monthly reports that help you gauge the performance of your services.

Roysys will benchmark additional services for just $450 per annum, and can provide you with email and SMS notification of outages to your services from just $380 per annum.

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Roysys Benchmark Report
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January has seen the commissioning of three new internet based monitoring servers at Roysys. These internationally based servers add to the accuracy and reliability of the Roysys monitoring service. They will also facilitate the expansion of monitoring services to a greater range of industry sectors across more countries. For more details please contact Roysys.